Jordan 1 vs. Air Force 1 (side-by-side comparison) (2023)

Jordan 1 vs. Air Force 1 (side-by-side comparison) (1)

Air Force 1 & Jordan 1 are two separate shoe lines from Nike that offer a range of sneakers. But they are different from each other.

The main difference between Jordan 1 and Air Force 1 is their design, size and material. Also, the Air Force 1 (Af1) cushioning is thicker than the Air Jordan 1 (Aj1).

To give you a clear comparison, I compared my Nike Air Force 1 '07 SE and Air Jordan 1 Mid SE Utility based on performance, design and comfort; Size & Fit. So let's see our Jordan 1 vs. Air Force 1 article. At the bottom of the article is a quick Air Force 1 vs Air Jordan 1 comparison chart.

Jordan 1 vs. Air Force 1 (key differences)


Did you know that the White Air Force 1 (Low Band) is the best selling shoe of the best? It came out first1982and was designed by famed basketball coach Bruce Kilgore.Nikehas created a cultural reset with the all-white design and the new cushion inner frame. In1983, six prominent NBA players starred in the Air Force 1 promotion and became a hit with the basketball community.

later in1985, Michale Jordan rose to fame as a representative for the Chicago Bulls and has already become the heart of American basketball. That year, Nike struck a special endorsement deal with Jordan, debuting the Air Jordan 1.

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Unfortunately, Jordan wasn't a fan of the blue and white cult sneaker. But the ankle support, overlay on the feet, tie and pocket heel design caught the public's attention and quickly became an iconic shoe of history.

In the case of the Jordan 1 vs. Air Force 1 design, let us examine.


Both the Air Force 1 and the Jordan 1 were designed with the needs of basketball players in mind.Nikehas improved some of the features and introduced several themes for both lines. The examples are my '07 SE & Mid SE Utility. Aj1 has an upper layer made of leather and canvas material.

On the contrary, the Af1 has a light side lining and crate-based light padding inside and a canvas front. Af1 offers more design options including high, mid, low and customization than Aj1.

Jordan 1 vs. Air Force 1 (side-by-side comparison) (2)

Air Jordan 1 is available in 23 different styles and colors. My Jordans are on the utility version, which means ankle protection pads and narrow toe support. I give both designs five stars because both offer excellent foot support.


Jordan 1 vs Air Force 1Kompfort

I found the Air Force 1 to be more comfortable because the silhouette shape at the toe creates room for my toes to move. Also, I bought both in women's size 8.5 and Af1 had more width than the Jordans. Plus, the air cushion technology I mentioned earlier provided extra arch support for my feet. Jordan's low tend to flex at the ankle as the tight ankle grip is strong. However, the rubber sole of the Jordan offers more grip during training than the Af1. Both have metal tip dubras that are rust resistant. This means I don't have to tighten my shoes and cause side pain.

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Jordan 1 vs Air Force 1 sizing

Let's discuss Jordan 1 vs Air Force 1 sizing. Despite being the same size, the Air Force is slightly wider and roomier than the Jordan 1s. My Jordans fit my feet like a glove and are quite narrow to fit my toes. On the contrary, the Af1 offers quite a bit of room and offers flexibility to my sides and toes. Overall, the Jordan 1 is suitable for slim and narrow feet at a maximum size seven, and for a wide and small fit, the Air Force 1 is the best option. You can always wear a Jordan even if you have a loose fit, but it might not be a good option as these are inspired by basketball.

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Jordans have a swoosh design that protects my upper feet from internal damage. Also, my utility ankle provides extra protection for my ankle. I wear my Jordans to the gym and for running, which I like because they grip my fit and keep them in a locked position. As a result, I get harder ground to put power while I

Jordan 1 vs. Air Force 1 (side-by-side comparison) (4)

train with weights. However, I love my Air Force 1 because they are better suited for my everyday office life, shopping and walking. I've been wearing Af1 for more than six hours and the cushioning is always easy on my feet. The only thing I have to complain about is that my feet are sweaty after six hours.

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There is not much difference between Air Force 1 and Jordan 1 when it comes to pricing. These shoes will cost you over $80, and Jordans will cost you more. Jordan 1 is a unique and iconic retro sneaker, so it will be a bit pricey. The range usually goes up to $500. Also, Jordan 1s has different styles that vary in price. However, the classic white or black Air Force 1 is cheaper than the Jordan 1s. But they offer more variety in design and color. Also, the price will change if you decide to customize. Some of the Air Force 1 go as far as pricing than Jordans.

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Jordan 1 vs. Air Force 1 (side-by-side comparison) (5)

My experience

My Air Jordan 1 Mid SE Utility looks heavier than the Nike Air Force 1 '07 SE, but surprisingly it weighs a lot lighter than the Air Force. However, the '07 SE has a stunning design and is great for everyday wear. I always get compliments when I wear these. Also, I mentioned above; They are ideal as casual shoes. However, my feet are narrow and the extra width is nice but sometimes makes me trip. Also, my toes are a bit longer and the SE Utility front shape is more comfortable for my feet. I always get eyebrow raises when wearing my Jordan 1 due to the high ankle support. Still, these are too convenient to care about anyone's opinion.

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Jordan 1 vs Air Force 1: At a Glance

Jordan 1 vs. Air Force 1 (side-by-side comparison) (6)

Are Air Force One shoes and Jordans the same?

No. Both look the same but have different designs and purposes. Air Force 1 contains Nike's Air technology, so the sole is slightly larger than Jordans. It's better for wider feet. However, the Air Jordan is an evolved version of the Air Force 1. As I mentioned earlier, it was originally made for NBA star Michalke Jordan. These are sophisticated and the midsole is thin and narrow. In other words, it was made for playing basketball. But you can wear Af1 & Aj1 for regular use.

Which ones should you buy?

Nike always makes the best shoes. Between Nike Air Force 1 and Jordan 1, go for Jordans. Also,If you play basketball, then the Jordan 1 is your sneaker. But for more relaxed off-duty wear and general work, I recommend the Air Force 1. It's better for wide feet. After the pandemic, it is quite difficult to buy a pair of Air Jordan 1 because they are not sold in retail. I bought mine through the Nike app and that too was about to sell out. However, the Air Force 1 is available at any retail store worldwide and is not that difficult to acquire.

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Jordan 1 vs Air Force 1 (summary)

We hope you enjoyed our article on Air Jordan vs Air Force 1. If you have any comments on this, please comment below.


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