2022 Jeep Compass Problems, Problems, and Complaints – Is Your Car a Lemon? (2023)

Categoryelectrical systemDatumMarch 20, 2023ConditionNYDescription

Vehicle is stuck in night mode

Categoryelectrics, outdoor lightingDatumMarch 15, 2023ConditionCADescription

My instrument cluster/dash has an error and got stuck in night mode. Whenever I drove during the day it was impossible to see my radio screen along with my speedometer since it's all one screen. Because of this, I can barely see my speed or fuel level or any alerts, and I can't see my GPS screen. I took it to the dealer and they still don't have a fix for it so it's been at the dealer for over a month. I'm trying to get jeep to buy the car back from me right now. Thank you very much!

CategoryElectrical System, Forward Collision Avoidance: Warnings, Unknown or OtherDatumMarch 14, 2023ConditionWVDescription

The front collision sensor kept turning off, now my vehicle is asking me to service my headlights, 4WD, airbags and other sensors. The vehicle also turned off while driving and triggered the AEB while driving. Took it to the dealer twice. The dealer contacted the manufacturer, who could not determine the problem.

Categoryelectrical systemDatumMarch 14, 2023ConditionMIDescription

My infotainment screen and the center of my instrument cluster on the dash don't get any brighter during the day, so I can't see anything on either thing. I've tried going into settings and selecting manual settings to adjust the brightness, but they're grayed out and I can't make any changes.

CategoryElectrical system: instrument cluster/panelDatumMarch 09, 2023ConditionKYDescription

The contact owns a 2022 Jeep Compass. The contact stated that the digital display on the instrument cluster was unable to illuminate some of the warning light functions. The contact then stated that the digital display was dark and the infotainment system was unable to adjust settings. The vehicle was taken to the dealer who diagnosed that the digital sensor was missing and needed repair. However, the contact stated that they were told that the error could not be reproduced. The vehicle was not repaired. The manufacturer was informed of the error and the contact person was given a case number. The failure mileage was about 11,000.

CategoryElectrical system, unknown or otherDatumMarch 06, 2023ConditionFLDescription

The vehicle was stopped at a traffic light and the car parked itself. The electrics stayed on but I had to park the vehicle, restart the car and turn off the emergency brake which turned itself on. This incident has happened twice so far with a 2022 compass purchased in May 2022. The first time was in November 2022 at around 3,000 miles. The second time it was 5/3/23 at about 9,300 miles. Each time the vehicle almost caused an accident when the jeep got stuck on a busy ramp. Will make an appointment with the dealer to have this documented.

CategoryElectrical system: instrument cluster/panelDatumFebruary 28, 2023ConditionPADescription

The contact has a Jeep compass from 2022. The contact stated that the instrument panel locked up in night mode and the display light remained extremely dim. The contact took the vehicle to the dealer who confirmed the fault was a known issue; However, no repair was available. The vehicle had not been repaired. The manufacturer was not informed of the error. The approximate number of kilometers lost was 8,000.

CategoryMotorDatumFebruary 25, 2023ConditionNYDescription

The car overheated and had to be towed twice, most recently today. The car suddenly overheats and breaks down in unsafe places, including the highway. The car has been to the dealer four times with engine problems without a solution. The check engine light comes on after the car overheats.

Categoryoutdoor lightingDatumFebruary 25, 2023ConditionFLDescription

The instrument cluster and screen cannot be dimmed manually or automatically. Both are always in full brightness mode. This poses a hazard for driving at night because the lights are so bright I can't see other cars, the road, or traffic signs as clearly as I should. I took my car to a Jeep dealership and they told me it's a known issue, but Jeep doesn't currently have a fix for it. The dealer has provided me with their internal publication regarding poor interior lighting, but this is the opposite problem from what I am having. I reported this to the service technician, but he did not reply. I have attached the document

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CategoryReverse over-prevention: reverse braking, forward collision avoidance: automatic emergency braking, forward collision avoidance: warningsDatumFebruary 24, 2023ConditionMNDescription

Since the new collision avoidance / other safety features are simply switched off, she has been in service several times to fix the problem. Finally, the Jeep got involved for the latest software update. 4 days later the system failed again. Another app with jeep/dealer was unfortunately involved in a collision with school bus before appointment. Sometimes I was able to turn the system back on using the touchscreen and sometimes wouldn't let the feature reset. I had reset the function after the last error but it failed again and as before just happened to be during the trip if the system had worked as intended it could have avoided this clash

Categoryelectrics, outdoor lightingDatumFebruary 24, 2023ConditionWIDescription

The instrument lights and radio are non-dimmable and hard to see in broad daylight. Radio flashes on and off. Freezes. Screens and inputs change at times. The lights are sometimes too dim to see at night and dimmer switches do nothing. I had numerous problems with the electrical system of this vehicle. These issues require an investigation or recall. They get repaired at the dealer only to go back. Finally, the defroster does not turn off. In floor mode only, heat is routed through the defroster and rear center console. The dealer says they fixed it and it's working normally, but it's not. Just too many problems with this vehicle. Everything seems to be electrical in nature.

CategoryUnknown or otherDatumFebruary 16, 2023ConditionCADescription

I came to a stop at a red light. My start-stop system switched off the vehicle as usual. I made a right turn at a red light after dodging oncoming cars. When I took my foot off the brake the car tried to restart but moved slightly forward causing me to pull into the intersection and into a lane. The car immediately stopped and the emergency brake applied. I did not see any signals or warning symbols light up. I was finally able to get my car to restart after turning it off completely and then back on. Because when the car didn't start again, it had gone up slightly, I was in traffic and came to a complete stop where I could have been hit by another vehicle. I could have also backed up as the cars behind me expected me to drive forward and my car suddenly stopped and didn't want to drive. It seemed like it stalled, but I'm not sure what system wasn't causing this, but it put me in a very dangerous situation.

CategoryForward Collision Avoidance: Warnings, Lane Departure: Assist, Lane Departure: Blind Spot DetectionDatumFebruary 12, 2023ConditionMADescription

Ever since I got my car back around June 2022 my safety features have been randomly turning on and off. For example. My active track management icon appears randomly and sometimes takes days to go away. Also, I always have my front collision warning icon off. I don't turn it on and off manually. The car does that itself. Then sometimes I get a popup on the dashboard saying that the automatic high beams are deactivated. Maintenance Required. Also, the orange lights on the side mirrors sometimes stay on and don't work. Then sometimes the volume of the car accidentally goes out. I tried to have this serviced but Jeep refused. They forced me to take it to a body shop. The body shop thought it was a safety sensor calibration issue. So they tried a reset and realignment and that didn't fix the problem. I feel this issue is very unsafe as these security features are not enabled all the time. They go on and off randomly. It would be nice if someone could help me with this issue. Thanks

Categoryoutdoor lightingDatum09.02.2023ConditionANDDescription

Dashboard lights/touch panel or rearview mirrors cannot be dimmed for safer night driving. Started about 6 weeks ago. Jeep has known about this for months, having been reported on the Jeep Compass forum prior to August 2022. The touch panel can be turned off with one button, but due to the "software bug" the manual dash dimmer knob doesn't work and the vehicle can't recognize its night. I now drive with a case covering my instrument panel with only the speedometer visible due to the brightness, after almost going off the road last week when I couldn't see a deer in front of me until the last minute due to the excessive brightness and glare could. Other consumers have suggested unmounting batteries and performing hard resets, but have also reported problem returns. Dealers report that they cannot fix the problem by changing components and that more vehicles are brought in weekly for the same problem. Vehicles should be recalled and a manual dimmer installed that operates independently of the light sensor before people are killed if accidents have not already occurred. I contacted Jeep last week and was told a dealer would get back to me - nothing.

Categoryoutdoor lightingDatum02.02.2023ConditionPADescription

The Cluster Panel Dimmer Toggle for my 2022 Jeep Compass no longer works properly. It stays very bright even at night and I can't adjust it any darker. I took it to my local Jeep dealership for service and they said it was a software issue and they couldn't fix it until Jeep calls it back and fixes it themselves. The instrument panel is so bright that I can't drive at night because it causes night blindness and I can't see the traffic. The toggle switch worked fine for the first 6 months I had my SUV, but one day it stopped working and now it's beyond repair.

CategoryMotorDatum29 January 2023ConditionOHDescription

When I was driving on the highway at 105 km/h, the car suddenly stopped, putting my life in great danger. It was also difficult to get off the road as it wouldn't restart or accelerate. As soon as the car was on the side of the road, it would no longer start after several attempts. The car started again after 1 hour on the side of the road and I drove it home, 2 days later it wouldn't start when I tried to drive it to repairs. The vehicle was towed to the Chrysler dealership where it was purchased.

CategorypowertrainDatum27 January 2023ConditionMODescription

On the Autobahn at 60 km/h and the vehicle shuts down. I stopped and turned it off and after 3 minutes started it and continued and when I hit 40mph it turned off again. I stopped and it's been at the dealer ever since and they can't copy it

CategoryTiresDatum27 January 2023ConditionIlDescription

2022 Jeep Compass. Consumer writes in relation to illuminated tire warning. The consumer stated that there was a cut in the sidewall of the tire while getting a tow truck to change the tire and discovered that no replacement tire was offered for this vehicle and this was not disclosed at the time of purchase.

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CategoryElectrical system, engine, collision avoidance: Automatic emergency brakingDatum26 January 2023ConditionOKDescription

Please see the uploaded documents for a personal account of all 2022 jeep compass issues. Yes, it is available for inspection. No warnings of incidents. I went to the dealer and they are aware of problems with the mechanical and electrical system but they didn't offer a solution. No, the vehicle has not been checked by the manufacturer or anyone else. Spending began within days of purchase on 09/12/22. Incidents are random, ongoing and increasing. No, the problems have not been reproduced or confirmed by anyone. I live 2 hours away from the dealer, but have visited him several times and written to him on 1/24/23 to draw his attention to the problems. I've tried multiple times to return the vehicle. Nobody would work with me, answer calls or emails. You've agreed to a trade, but with a fee of .000 to exchange this vehicle for another, just like this one, but with a cheaper cash price of .595. That was September 22nd, 2022, 10 days after signing the contract. However, I called and emailed the seller and manager from day one. I'm convinced they sold me a lemon and are lenders given the way they treated me. The salesman ripped the window decal off the jeep, waded it up, and threw it away the night it was bought. He also didn't give me my license plate or extra key fob for the new vehicle. I got the keychain on a trip there meanwhile. The license plate is gone. I have called and walked by countless times with no one willing to work with me on all jeep related situations. I have since learned that the msrp base is .525. My contract was written for a total of 864. Cash price was .305. They also funded a deposit through a credit card company when I was told I didn't have a ,000 deposit which is a separate payment. I'm not sure if I'm complaining about pre-lending here, but thought it wouldn't hurt to share my situation given the issues I'm having with the physical vehicle.

CategoryElectrical system, forward collision avoidance: automatic emergency braking, service brakesDatum18 January 2023ConditionMADescription

I have 3 problems with my vehicle: 1. Whenever I stay in my vehicle for more than 20 minutes, the radio starts to fade and eventually all the sounds in the vehicle are muted. This happens every time I drive the vehicle for more than 20 minutes and can only be fixed by leaving the vehicle parked for a long time. 2. I was driving at 100 km/h on the freeway when my car suddenly started to brake and almost caused a rear-end collision with the following vehicle. I tried to press the gas pedal further, but the car didn't move forward. Luckily the vehicle didn't stop and I was able to recover. 3. Just the other day my vehicle started displaying a light on the dash warning me that the forward collision warning system is now off. None of the above issues are yet to be verified by the dealer. I have an appointment on February 3rd. It was very difficult to find a dealer with availability. If desired, my vehicle can be inspected. All of these problems occurred within the first 5 days of owning the vehicle.

CategoryElectrical System, Forward Collision Avoidance: Automatic Emergency Braking, Unknown or OtherDatum09.01.2023ConditionMIDescription

2 issues 1 - false positive aeb when driving with no obstacles on a country road (speed and odometer below) 2 - rear camera lags, sometimes well into a reverse

CategoryCollision Avoidance: Automatic Emergency Braking, Collision Avoidance: Warnings, Lane Departure Warning: WarningDatum08.01.2023ConditionFrom youDescription

The aeb and lane stop keep turning and saying they need maintenance. As soon as you stop the car and start it again, you can turn the function back on. It also turns off every now and then.

CategoryElectrical System, Forward Collision Avoidance: Automatic Emergency Braking, Lane Departure: Blind Spot DetectionDatum03.01.2023ConditionNJDescription

If the vehicle is driven for a long time (over 45 minutes), the instrument panel and control system for the car freezes and the sound fades out slowly. Once the sound is completely muted, it cannot play the radio, calls, or notifications. The problem remains that the instrument panel freezes and the lane departure warning, collision warning and pedestrian sensors stop working. This becomes a security issue as you will no longer be able to use the hands-free system as your car will automatically connect via Bluetooth. It's also a big problem as the sensors on the vehicle don't work reliably. This happens every time you operate the vehicle for a long time.

Categoryelectrical systemDatumDecember 27, 2022ConditionNYDescription

After driving the vehicle for more than 45 minutes, the radio volume drops and I cannot listen to the radio and/or navigation, or make wireless calls. The volume doesn't work again until the car sits overnight. These vehicles are bought by people who sometimes travel long distances in inclement weather - not having access to these features (e.g. radio access to hear the weather and road closures) is a hazard. Since no hands-free telephone access is possible. The problem is widespread, the dealers are unaware of it, don't know how to fix it and discussed extensively on myjeepcompass website by owners who have the problem shortly after purchase.

Categoryelectrical systemDatumDecember 27, 2022ConditionNYDescription

After driving the vehicle for more than 45 minutes, the radio volume drops and I cannot listen to the radio and/or navigation, or make wireless calls. The volume doesn't work again until the car sits overnight. These vehicles are bought by people who sometimes travel long distances in inclement weather - not having access to these features (e.g. radio access to hear the weather and road closures) is a hazard. Since no hands-free telephone access is possible. The problem is widespread, the dealers are unaware of it, don't know how to fix it and discussed extensively on myjeepcompass website by owners who have the problem shortly after purchase.

CategoryReverse Rollover Avoidance: Warnings, Forward Collision Avoidance: Automatic Emergency Braking, Unknown or OtherDatumDecember 26, 2022ConditionIlDescription

The vehicle kept telling me Stop Start is not available Service Stop Start then a battery would show up on the left side of the dash. Then it would say that the security vehicle will shut down soon. I called both dealers at my house to see if I could have the vehicle serviced. One of the advisors told me the vehicle wouldn't turn off, that it was okay to drive out of town. Took my jeep to another dealership and the consultant told me the same thing. Last night 12/25 I was able to tow my car into a neighborhood before my vehicle came to a complete stop. I had it towed to my house.

CategorypowertrainDatumDecember 23, 2022ConditionHALLODescription

The contact owns a 2022 Jeep Compass. The contact stated that the dealer had previously replaced the PCU and axillary battery and reprogrammed the TCM. However, the error reappeared. The contact stated that while driving, the vehicle jerked at an unknown speed and then lost traction, with the auto start/stop warning light illuminating and the message 'Stop safely, vehicle will shut down soon'. In addition, the parking brake was accidentally activated while the vehicle was losing traction. The failure occurred four times, once causing a mild rear-end collision with cosmetic damage to the Contact's rear bumper. No airbags deployed. The contact sustained no injuries and no medical attention was received. No report was made to the police. The contact man was able to drive the vehicle away from the site of the collision. The vehicle was returned to the dealer; However, the retailer could not reproduce the error. The vehicle was not repaired and remained with the dealer. The manufacturer was made aware of the error but declined to buy back the vehicle under the Lemon Act. The failure mileage was approximately 5,386.

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CategoryForward Collision Avoidance: Warnings, Lane Keeping Assist: Blind Spot Detection, Lane Keeping Assist: WarningDatumDecember 19, 2022ConditionOHDescription

There is a known issue with several 2022 Jeep Compass trims and models that after long periods of driving (about an hour) the volume of all components that use sound becomes barely audible, even at maximum volume. This affects all warning systems, including blind spots, lane departure, etc. If you turn off the vehicle for a long time (a few hours), the volume returns, but the problem reappears if you drive for more than an hour with short stops. Jeep has acknowledged the concerns on Jeep forums for over a year and dealerships are unhelpful regarding the issue. Jeep states that in Q4 2022 there will be an update for the uconnect system that controls the audio functions. However, Jeep still has to release an update 2 weeks a year, although the problem has been known since late 2021. I have additional concerns for safety as I have to disable hands-free audio on long drives due to the volume issue causing further distraction and complications and no audio for other integrated components (like GPS, radio etc.) in addition to safety features. Links showing Jeep awareness of the issue: Forum with multiple user complaints: https://www. My jeep compass. Com/threads/volume-issue-on-my-uconnect. 46300/page-3#post-171457 direct user complaint: https://twitter. Com/acevan90/status/1599924956204244993? T=jynfb2xbllxlfrn-n0hupw&s=19

CategoryElectrics, engine and engine cooling, drive trainDatumDecember 13, 2022ConditionWIDescription

The contact has a Jeep compass from 2022. While driving at various speeds, the contact noticed that the vehicle had stalled. The Start/Stop system message was displayed. The computer screen went black. The drive button on the instrument cluster and the gear selector were flashing. The parking brake was activated without warning. When driving the vehicle at slow speeds, the vehicle lurched forward and did not respond as required. The contact has been waiting for the vehicle to restart. The vehicle was taken to the local dealership but the mechanic was unable to reproduce the fault. The vehicle has not been diagnosed or repaired. The manufacturer was contacted but no further assistance was provided. The failure mileage was about 19,900.

Categoryinterior lightingDatumDecember 13, 2022ConditionPADescription

The contact owns a 2022 Jeep compass. The contact stated that the instrument panel was not visible when the headlights were dimmed. The contact took the vehicle to a dealer where they confirmed the fault but told him there were no parts available to repair the vehicle. The manufacturer still had to be informed about the failure. The vehicle was not repaired. The failure mileage was about 12,000.

CategoryElectrical system, unknown or otherDatum08.12.2022ConditionMNDescription

The volume of the infotainment system is reduced so far that nothing can be heard. This affects: radio, but also Android Auto/Apple Car Play for audio warnings, Jeep support and hands-free calling. The vehicle was taken to the dealer and he confirmed that Jeep is aware of the problem and a software update is required - tbd. In the meantime, my new vehicle is useless for any kind of audio functionality. This is a distraction when driving and raises safety concerns.

CategoryCollision Avoidance: Automatic Emergency Braking, Lane Departure: Assist, Lane Departure: WarningDatum08.12.2022ConditionNYDescription

Does not correct the car from the departing lane. Also temporarily turns off automatic braking. Temporarily brakes when there is no danger. Loses sound for radio and GPS on long drives.

CategoryElectrical system, engine, vehicle speed controlDatumDecember 01, 2022ConditionMIDescription

I was on the slip road on the freeway and the gas pedal was released. I couldn't accelerate and my car slowed down. A message on the display indicates that the electronic throttle should be serviced. This has happened to me twice. My car is almost six months old. At that time I was driving 40 km/h. Today I got into my car after picking up lunch and when I sat down the alarm clock rang for almost 4 minutes. I unlocked and locked the key fob, I started the car and turned it off, and repeated everything about twenty times. I'm in a very public place and I'm in a car whose alarm won't go off... Anyone could have called the police. Someone probably did. The alarm should go off after 90 seconds, why not? Why an alarm that cannot be switched off? When I press the button to disable the auto stop/start function, my car jerks a few times and a message comes up to wait the auto stop/start function. This first happened two days after I got the car (less than 100 miles by car) and it has probably happened almost 10 times so far. I'm usually driving about 30 - 40 mph when this happens.

CategoryEngine, collision avoidance: automatic emergency braking, service brakesDatum11. November 2022ConditionFrom youDescription

This vehicle has two dangerous problems: 1) It brakes unexpectedly and for no reason while driving. This has happened to me at least 3 times while driving on the freeway with no cars close in front or around me. Bells and whistles suddenly go off and the vehicle brakes for no legitimate reason, throwing me forward. 2) This vehicle stops while driving. This has happened to me 6 times. Engine just cuts out while driving. I have to put it in park and restart the engine. That could kill me.

CategoryUnknown or otherDatum11. November 2022ConditionALDescription

The digital display in the center instrument panel cannot be seen in daylight. There was no ambient light sensor input to control the display's backlight for daylight. This missing sensor causes the digital display to default to night. So you can't see alerts, gas, temperature, menu, cruise control, etc. This display is also tied to the 7-inch screen, causing that screen to be non-programmable as well. S2208000157 has no spare part, no remedy I drive an unsafe, defective vehicle that cannot be repaired. This is documented in the letter I received from Jeep's service department in Foley al. Jeep Service, Jeep Wave, BBB, Lemon Lawyers all say this needs to be resolved by the dealer. They do nothing and consumers need to be aware of that. I have a video of the screen but it won't upload. mov

Categoryelectrics, outdoor lightingDatum02.11.2022ConditionKYDescription

The display on the dashboard gets stuck in "night mode", during the day I can't see my speedometer or fuel gauge.

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CategoryForward collision avoidance: automatic emergency braking, service brakes, wheelsDatum27. September 2022ConditionNCDescription

The contact has a 2022 Jeep compass. The contact, reported while driving at various speeds, heard unusual grinding noises coming from the front wheel area on the driver's side of the vehicle. In addition, the contact stated that the emergency braking system to avoid forward collisions and the pedestrian emergency braking system were deactivated independently. The message "Forward collision and pedestrian brakes disabled" was displayed. The contact stated that the automatic emergency braking system would inadvertently engage if there were no vehicles or objects nearby. The contact stated that the emergency braking system was activated while he was pressing the brake pedal. The vehicle was taken to the dealer on two separate occasions and the dealer informed the contact that they could not repeat the error. The contact stated that the error persisted. The vehicle was returned to the dealer who found that an unknown software needed updating; However, the part was not yet available. The vehicle was not repaired. The manufacturer has been informed of the error. The contact was waiting for a call back from the manufacturer. The mileage was about 200.

Categorypowertrain, steeringDatum08.08.2022ConditionFLDescription

The contact owns a 2022 Jeep compass. The contact stated while driving 40 mph the contact felt the steering wheel go to the left. During the gear change, the vehicle had a harsh shifting. The vehicle was taken to the dealership, but the mechanic was unable to determine the cause of the failure. The mechanic performed an alignment on the vehicle, but the error persisted. The manufacturer was not informed of the error. The approximate number of kilometers lost was 5,000.

CategoryCollision avoidance: automatic emergency braking, collision avoidance: warningsDatumJuly 21, 2022ConditionPADescription

The emergency braking l, collision warning switches itself off automatically while driving. Occurred on 12.07. and 20.07. I have previously reported this. Brought to dealer and they failed to replicate. This is a major security issue! I'll take it back to the dealer on 7/22/2022 at 730am. Dealer motorworld chrysler dodge jeep ram 150 motorworld dr wilkes-barre, pennsylvania 18702 (570) 301-6107

CategoryCollision Avoidance: Automatic Emergency Braking, Collision Avoidance: Warnings, Lane Departure Warning: WarningDatumJuly 06, 2022ConditionNCDescription

This has happened several times and the second time I am reporting this. I got into my vehicle and started the engine. I had to use GPS to reach my destination so I sat in the park and got whatever the address put in. For no apparent reason, I'm getting messages: aeb service required with reduced functionality, I also don't have the active lane management feature, headlights are servicing, auto wipers are servicing, etc. I can eventually remove these settings by turning them on manually, but not this time.

CategoryForward collision avoidance: automatic emergency braking, forward collision avoidance: warnings, lane departure warning: blind spot detectionDatum22. June 2022ConditionNCDescription

This is the third time this has happened to me. The second time I took it to the dealer for inspection and was told they couldn't find any problems. When it first happened I had my vehicle started and it ran for about 3-4 minutes while I put my child in the back seat. When I made it back to the driver's seat, I heard noises that alerted me to problems. Several lights came on on the dashboard and when I went into the menu it told me there was a system error and a service required. Previously there was no indication that any type of failure would happen. After a few days I was able to manually reset the notifications.

CategoryForward Collision Avoidance: Warnings, unknown or otherDatum15. June 2022ConditionPADescription

Turns off randomly and you have to go back into System Preferences to turn it back on. Happened twice in the two weeks I've had the vehicle.

CategoryUnknown or otherDatum15. June 2022ConditionPADescription

Backup camera screen is totally black when trying to backup at night.

CategoryEngine and Engine Cooling:Engine:Crank/Camshaft Position SensorDatum12. May 2022ConditionOHDescription

The contact has a Jeep compass dated 2022. The contact stated that while the vehicle was parked, a continuous audible alarm sounded from the vehicle. No warning lights came on. The vehicle was taken to the local dealership but the result of the diagnostic test was unknown. The vehicle was not repaired. The manufacturer has been informed of the error. The approximate mileage was unknown.

CategoryElectrical system, power trainDatum14. April 2022ConditionMNDescription

On February 8, 2022, the four-wheel drive stopped working and gave a message to the service 4wd. The front tires were spinning, and the rear tired ones weren't spinning, and the car didn't move forward or backward. If this had happened in a remote area and with no people around, I would not have been able to get any help. This is a safety issue as the car was non-functional and could have trapped me in a remote location. This vehicle was leased on December 29, 2021 and the problems started on January 5th. Screen didn't work, unable to control heat, radio, navigation, speakerphone, cruise control etc. Was in Tennessee where it was warm and no heat needed, went back minus 30 degrees and no heat, could have froze if car stopped. Without heat in minutes at minus 30 degrees it is unsafe to drive without heat. This is a big security issue. Please help, it was in the service department from January 18 to 24 and continued to have daily problems, then in the store from February 8 to April 14 and still had problems after you picked it up. [xxx] Information redacted under Freedom of Information Act (foia), 5 & SC 552(b)(6).

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CategoryForward Collision Avoidance: Adaptive Cruise Control, Forward Collision Avoidance: Automatic Emergency Braking, Forward Collision Avoidance: WarningsDatum05.04.2022ConditionFrom youDescription

I am currently in a rental from the Dodge dealer, 2022 Jeep Compass Limited 4x4. As we got it pretty much as soon as we were in and down the road, every dash warning light came on and it goes through the process of telling you everything from lane departure warning to parking assist. Nothing works as far as the cruise control blind spot alert, nothing I tell everyone needs service. If this happens when the vehicle is cruise control, you will lose cruise control until the vehicle decides you can have it back. We've had the loaner for 2 weeks and it's happening every day at least twice a day. Around the same time every day.


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