15 of the Sunshine Coast's prettiest caravan parks for beautiful budget getaways (2023)

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May 23, 2023

As much as we all love waking up to the sound of waves crashing just a few feet from our front door and falling asleep under the stars, camping might not be exactlyas glamorous as we like to think. Yes, mosquitoes can invade your tent, and yes, if you forget your mattress air pump, you're in for a rough night.

If you want to get back in touch with nature - without diving in headfirst - try the waters at the Sunshine Coast's top caravan parks. Whether you're a seasoned caravanner or a first-time traveller, these Sunshine Coast caravan parks are the ideal base from which to explore our slice of paradise. Read on for 15 of the Sunshine Coast's best caravan parks.

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Noosa River Holiday Park


For those who like to be in the middle of the action, you can't go wrong.Noosa River Holiday Park. On the banks of the Noosa River, this caravan park and camp is one of the Sunshine Coast's most popular holiday parks – and for good reason.

Take it easy and enjoy your slice of Noosa, overlooking the picturesque Noosa River, or get out in the middle of the action at nearby Hastings Street downtown. You'll find plenty of amenities including hot showers, laundry facilities, camp kitchen, grill, refrigerator, porters and kiosk.

Mooloolaba Beach Holiday Park


With direct access to one of Queensland's most beautiful beaches, you can't missMooloolaba Beach Holiday Parkas one of the best caravan parks on the Sunshine Coast. Opposite Mooloolaba Wharf andSEA LIFE Aquarium, you are in a prime location for exploring Mooloolaba's most popular sights.

In terms of amenities, you will have a fully electric slab site, laundry facilities, camp kitchen and free WiFi. Without a doubt one of the best family friendly caravan parks on the Sunshine Coast.

Boreen Point Camp

Great Sandy National Park

On the edge of Lake Cootharaba, with views of the sea and shady trees, you can't go wrong with theBoreen Point Camp. It's not far to drive, it's easily accessible and has lots of great facilities including hot showers, flush toilets and fresh water, gas grills and wood burning grills (BYO firewood).

There's also a great cafe just a short walk away to grab your morning coffee (stocking up on our favorite Doonan roasters,Flying West Coffee) and a kiosk for renting canoes or SUP.

Borumba Lake Campsite

Borumba Lake

Borumba Lake Campsiteis located on the banks of Yabba Creek, an easy 800 meter walk from stunning Lake Borumba. You'll feel utterly secluded on the 25-acre property, which is adjacent to Imbil State Forest and Yabba State Forest - a hiker's paradise.

Caravan and campsites are usually quiet and facilities include hot showers, camp kitchen, free kayaks, table tennis, volleyball court, toilets and kiosk. Wade down Yabba Creek, explore the surrounding state forests or venture out to Lake Borumba for boating, waterskiing, fishing and swimming.

Coolum Beach Holiday Park

coolum beach

Coolum Beach Holiday Parkis situated on ten acres of prime oceanfront land, so you'll have direct access to the beach and be able to fall asleep to the sound of waves lapping nearby. This Sunshine Coast caravan park is dog friendly (applications required) and is packed with facilities for the whole family.

While the facilities are excellent, we recommend getting out and exploring the plethora of epic activities near Coolum Beach Holiday Park. We're talking the Coolum Bowls Club, the Mt Coolum Walk, the Mt Coolum Surf Club, Coolum Beach's patrolled swimming, and a maze of nearby bike paths.

Noosa North Shore Beach Campground

North Shore of Noosa

15 of the Sunshine Coast's prettiest caravan parks for beautiful budget getaways (1)

If waking up on the beach is your style, you couldn't ask for a more beautiful place thanAcampamento Noosa North Shore. There are both motorized and non-motorized caravan and campsite sites, all nestled amongst the natural seaside vegetation, with many kangaroos friends visiting regularly.

You will need to bring your own drinking water, but there is a small roadside kiosk for when you run out of ice, as well as an amenities block. But the main thing here is that you wake up to the sound of crashing waves and you can go for a morning swim instead of your usual morning shower. Pure and utter bliss if you are looking for the best beachfront caravan site in Noosa.

Ingenia Holiday Park Noosa


Another Noosa campsite,Ingenia Holiday Park Noosaneeds very little introduction. Once you've seen the location, you'll be sold. This family friendly holiday park is adjacent to Tewantin National Park and is a short drive from Hastings Street.

There's a mix of cabins, campgrounds and RV sites, plus a pool, jumping pad, game room, camp kitchen, grill and gazebo. While it's great for a family getaway, it's probably not a campground for those who crave seclusion and tranquility.

Pomona caravan park

interior of noosa

For those looking for a Noosa backcountry camping experience,Pomona caravan parkit's up there. Tucked away in the Noosa countryside, this pet-friendly caravan park comes decked out with a camp kitchen, barbecue and hot showers, so you won't be put off.

The caravan and camp are a short walk from the rural town of Pomona, as well as a historic silent cinema and live music venue. Plus, you'll be spoiled with views of Mount Cooroora all to yourself.

BIG4 Holiday Park Caloundra


BIG4 Holiday Parks are synonymous with fantastic caravan parks in stunning locations, and theBIG4 Holiday Park Caloundrais no exception. Situated on the edge of the Pumicestone Passage, you'll be just a hop, hop, hop away from Moffat Beach and DickyBeach.

The premium caravan park sites are ideally located by the river and if you feel like just relaxing and not leaving your caravan then you certainly don't need to. It has an on-site swimming pool, pizzeria, express van, laundry, kitchen and bounce house for the little ones.

Borumba deer park

to take

Another perfect family campsite for kids (or the unprepared caravanner) isBorumba deer park. Situated on beautiful Yabba Creek, there are plenty of outdoor activities for all ages, with the convenience of renting boats and kayaks, great fishing and even miniature golf.

The pet-friendly facilities are well-equipped and include a kiosk, camp kitchens, fire pits, a children's playground, and the usual (but much-needed) amenity blocks. You can feed some of the wild deer and the Mary Valley and Borumba Dam are just steps away.

registry dump

Tuan State Forest

15 of the Sunshine Coast's prettiest caravan parks for beautiful budget getaways (2)

Although the name does not sound very attractive,registry dumpit's probably the most secluded camp site on the Sunshine Coast - it also has a bathroom and is suitable for caravans. Situated on the edge of Kauri Creek near the Great Sandy Strait, this little spot is accessible by normal vehicle (conditions considered) and you are only a 10-15 minute boat ride from Fraser Island.

You'll need to bring your own water and have to forego showering for a few days, but considering you can throw a kayak in the creek and have the opportunity to spot turtles, dugongs and dolphins - it's totally worth it.

Dicky Beach


Alright, so it's not likeDicky Beachit's a trailer park in the desert. To put it bluntly, it's in the middle of a suburb in busy Caloundra and across the street from the local shops. But, that doesn't mean it's not special. And whether you're a country-dweller or a newcomer to camping, then this Sunshine Coast caravan and camping site could be the perfect base for you.

Rivershore Resort


For caravanning newbies who can't stray too far from an iPhone charger, hot shower or convenience store for ice cream, and all the kid-friendly outdoor activities (think: waterslides, swimming pools, a kangaroo jump and miniature golf), we suggest that you set your GPS toRivershore Resorton the banks of the Maroochy River.

There's a mix of pet-friendly caravan sites, electric and non-electric campsites and even luxury safari tents - complete with king-size bed, en-suite bathroom and wifi. So pack your fishing rods, deck of cards, and bottles of red wine; this camping trip will be like imagining your future as a retiree, and you will love it.

Amamoor Creek

Interior of the Costa del Sol

Nestled amongst a tall rainforest and beside the creek,Amamoor Creek Campsiteit is the epitome of tranquility. There are a large number of hikes in the area and the creek is great for spotting platypus.

Facilities include water (not potable), restrooms, cold showers, barbecue grills and fire pits. This is the perfect Sunshine Coast caravan site for anyone looking to get away and live simple for a few days but don't want to pee in the bushes.

Want to go straight to the point? Immerse yourself in nature inNoosa's best camping spots.

Image credit: Tourism & Events Queensland, Noosa Holiday Parks and provided

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